2016 Robots:

Our robots we made in 2016 were our 1st step in RoboCup Junior Open Soccer. That year we developed our hardware, software, tactics and skills which have helped us in future years:


    • Using a 3 wheel omni-directional movement system, it included:
      • 3D printed omni wheels with rollers
      • 23:1 Planetary Pittman motors 10.8 V @408 RPM
    • An array of 12 infrared sensors
    • 2 Ultrasonics, front and back
    • Multiple 3D printed parts, for example:
      • 3D Printed handle for switches
      • Mounts for infrared sensors
      • Various other bits and pieces



    • Not using delay() functions in our code, as that would slow it down
    • Assigning a movement direction to each infrared sensor (to perform if it has strongest signal). With a movement direction being 2 motor going in the same direction at full power. (We had six of them)
    • We decided to make the robot allways face up field and go around behind the ball to pick it up

Video of development of the 2016 robots

Infrared Sensors:

We used TSOP4840s they are a lot harder to use compared to the TSOP31140s. But can have significantly more range. The TSOP4840's range decreases rapidly after power up, to around 50cm, 3+ metres on power up. (compared to the TSOP31140s which does the opposite). This mean they are required to be reset around every 10 milliseconds to be usable.

List of 2016 components:

  • 1 x Aluminium Base Frame (two layers with spacers).
  • 1 x Aluminium Outer Shield, 1mm sheet.
  • 3 x Aluminium Motor Mounts
  • 3 x Pittman PG6212a008 10.8V with 23:1 metal planetary gearbox motors.
  • 3 x Omni Wheels
    • 3D printed housing
    • 15 x Rollers (O-Ring on V-Groove bearing)
    • 1 x Key ring (holds rollers into housing)
  • 2 x 5A DC-DC adjustable step-down XL4005 Voltage regulators
  • 1 x Battery Circuit protection
  • 1 x 5amp Main Fuse and Holder
  • 2 x Toggle Control Switches
  • 3D printed Battery Box holder
  • 1 x Battery Box (holds 4 18650 cells in series)
  • 4 x 18650 Li-ion 3.7v batteries.
  • 16 x TSOP4840 Infrared Sensors.
  • 3D Printed Infrared Mounts
    • 1 x Front bar housing
    • 2 x Back housings (mirror images)
    • 2 x Side housings (mirror images)
  • 2 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensors (front and back)
  • 2 x Ultrasonic Sensor Mounts
  • 3 x L298N dual full-bridge motor driver
  • 3D Printed Motor Controller Mounts.(standoffs)
  • 1 x TCS230 Colour Sensor
  • 3D printed Colour Sensor Mount and Shield.
  • 1 x ATMega2560 Control Board
  • 3D Printed ATMega2560 Mounts
  • 1 x Compass (both HMC5883L and HMC5983 were used)
  • 3D Printed Voltage Regulator Covers
  • Lots of wire, nuts, bolts and screws