About Us:

We are InfraReady Robotics a team of high school students from Tasmania, Australia. 2 people are currently in the team, Thomas and Simon.



  • Thomas has been competing in RoboCup Junior Since 2015 .
  • He created the Open Soccer team, InfraReady Robotics in 2016 and is the leader.
  • His skills are:
    • Design and Construction
    • CAD and CAM (Fusion 360)
    • Documentation
    • Product ordering
    • Programming
  • He attends Kingston High School as a Grade 10 student



  • In 2015 he participated in Robocup Junior Primary Rescue.
  • He joined InfraReady Robotics in 2017
  • His skills are:
    • Circuit board design (EAGLE)
    • Soldering
    • Programming
    • Web Design
    • Product ordering
  • He is in Grade 9 and is currently being home schooled

Contact Us:

We can be contacted via email at: team@InfraReadyrobotics.com

We have multiple accounts on various medias such as: